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Clean Tech

Cleaning Techniques

Our tank containers leave Cleantech as new, thanks to
our special techniques like chemical cleaning, polishing
or Salt blasting with sodium bicarbonate.

Other cleaning techniques:

  • Chemical treatment
  • Polishing (in case of light contamination)

On-site repairs are possible, because in-depth cleaning sometimes necessitates the valves being disassembled. Stench may reside in a seal, latex and the like may infiltrate between seals, etc. In that case, disassembly of the valves and thorough cleaning is necessary in order to prevent contamination of subsequent cargo.

“Soft” cleaning with Sodium bicarbonate

Traditional sandblasting is not suited for tank containers because the sand may impair vulnerable components such as valves, seals, etc.

Blasting with sodium bicarbonate is – in our opinion – a good alternative. This soft cleaning method (aka gumming) is equally effective as sandblasting. Because the sodium bicarbonate crystals are soft and brittle, they don’t damage delicate surfaces. Moreover, they are water soluble and harmless to the environment. The technique is also suitable for cleaning hard-to-access places and for surfaces that are in contact with food.

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