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Clean Tech


Automatic cleaning of your tank containers has its limits.
In case of tenacious pollution, call Cleantech, experts in
manual cleaning.

Cleantech = Quality + experience + environment!

Sometimes, normal tank cleaning procedures don’t suffice to prepare tank containers for re-use. Certain products are not soluble in water or chemicals and have to be removed manually. Also, the procedure may fail because the container has been unloaded incorrectly (e.g. air instead of nitrogen), because the container has – after unloading – been presented unpressured for cleaning, because of water infiltration, etc.

In that case, you call Cleantech. Cleantech has years of experience and ample know-how in the field of manual cleaning of heavily contaminated tank containers and cleaning of off-hire containers.

In our completely equipped cleaning station we treat your tank containers by innovative, in-house developed methods. We remove all kinds of residues, such as:

  • Polymers
  • Composites
  • Coatings
  • Hardened latex or resin residues
  • Hardened titanium dioxide
  • Di-isocyanates
  • etc.

Expertise and experience

The techniques and technology we use require skilled and experienced staff. Cleantech only employs professionals with ample knowledge of our systems, of hazardous products (ADR) and of the methods to remove them in a secure, environmentally friendly manner.

Do you have a problem with the cleaning of your off-hire tank containers? Heavy contamination? Cleantech has the solution!